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May 30, 2012 6:00am PDT
in place. >>james: this afternoon, as sunshine everywhere are brown the bay. a fantastic afternoon with inland highs getting into these and then a mild evening, '60s and '70s as you head to bed. 90 degree weather on the horizon. the freeways look great. on the bay bridge, no backups or metering lights. >>mark: ross mirkirimi will have its first ethics commission hearing in three weeks. last night, the commission decided on the rolls and format of that meeting. he is facing misconduct charges. here is his arrival at the meeting. they will weigh in on whether to uphold the charges or reinstate him as sheriff. the degree the recommendation will be based on the strength of evidence rather than the more difficult to prove beyond a reasonable doubt. >>darya: at mitt romney has clinched the republican presidential nomination during his primary victory in texas pushes him past the number of delegates needed to win the nomination. it is being overshadowed by donald trump. donald trump publicly endorsed romney but continues to question whether the president was born in the u.s.. >> a lot of
May 23, 2012 4:00am PDT
front moving closer to the area. by friday, a 10-20 percent chance of showers. >>james: governor brown estimated the state would generate over 1 billion from tax related to the sale of facebook stock. yesterday, facebook stock was trading below and could increase the budget deficit. top security regulators in massachusetts have subpoenaed morgan >>stanley: over allegations that it gave only select clients-the information about facebook before last week's ipo. morgan >>stanley: is one of the underwriters of the facebook ipo shots >>justine: fish and game officials say they had no choice but to shoot and kill a mountain lion found wandering the streets. they first tried to tranquilize the big cat but it kept trying to get away and charging after the use the fire hose on it. officials did end up shooting the animal. >> the pilot of a small fleet was able to for himself after crashing into a residential neighborhood in glendale on monday night. his injuries are not considered life-threatening. more than 69 people lost power when the cessna had electricals before landing in a yard. it is un
May 14, 2012 4:00am PDT
trying to find legitimate rentals in the city. he is not alone. michelle brown has been looking for new apartment for several months. >> most of the posts i am interested in are not real renters. >> she says she has seen more falls close been real close. >> it is a real place in a real building >> if i get a link, if they are out of town, if they cannot deal with me face to face, that is usually the biggest giveaway. >> i do not know of anyone is dumb enough to send a check for some announces keys. >> many are now turning to alternative websites. >> in the east bay, there are fewer homes for sale but more potential buyers. >> this six bedroom to back home has had 13 offers and will sell for more than its $616,000 asking price. >> the bidding wars are back. >> this realtor is of better homes and gardens in berkeley. >> i have one home that has 38 offers. >>jan: we are at about 3000 homes for sale right to. our high point was in 2007. we had 13,000 homes for sale. >> buyers do not want to get involved in a bidding war. salmon despite multiple offers a homes selling for over asking that do
May 16, 2012 4:00am PDT
they're working with employee groups to find ways to realize the 5 percent savings that jerry brown is looking for. they said the governor realizes the law enforcement agency is the 24 hour, 7 day week operation. because the chp still needs officers on the road into dispatchers taking 911 calls. one firefighter says the proposal to cut back to 38 hours a week will not work for them because they work 72 hours a week belt, 24 hour shifts. to change the schedule would mean hiring more workers which would end up costing the state more. state firefighters already cut back their staffing last year. they now have three fire fighters for every ended with the staff for. >>erica: it is a foggy start to the day. you'll certainly deal with problems divisibility of the north bay but you'll see here on our visibility chard, fog rolling to some of our analysts spots. certainly allow yourself extra time in the drive of extra caution. for the most part an abundance of low 50s. we could see low 80s by lunch. if a.t. & t. ribbs of showers. over all, pleasant and dry conditions >>justine: mirkirimi ple
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4